• Coaching, consultancy and training through remote video conferencing or in person

    Online coaching to keep all clients

    well-protected in uncertain times

    Over three years' experience of online coaching

    Over three hundred clients

    successfully coached

    face-to-face online

    Live, online calendar

    to book your meeting for a time to suit you

    A unique hyperlink

    for each client,

    for each meeting

    End-to-end encription for high security and confidentiality

    "I was sent a hyperlink for the meeting immediately after booking.

    Joining the meeting was easy"

    "Liz's online coaching is focussed and highly effective"

    "Online coaching with Liz helped me to identify areas for improvement and to plan for them"

    "Liz set up a group online conference meeting for colleagues from across our MAT"

    "I chose to hold my online coaching meeting at home using my laptop"

  • Coaching

    Supporting leadership and wellbeing

    On-line coaching

    One to One coaching for clients in any location

    I have coached over for hundred clients through video conferencing in the past five years. Coming through the padnemic,my coaching, consultancy and training is now offered through remote video conferencing calls or in person. Connecting remotely is ideal for school leaders still wishing to restrict the number of visitors coming onto the school site.


    Not sure if on-line coaching is for you?


    Please e-mail me to arrange a 10 minute trial coaching session to test out your equipment and internet connection and experience the style of coaching that could make all the difference to your work and wellbeing.


    Self Care Isn't Selfish


    Wellbeing coaching for leaders

    Coaching leadership and wellbeing

    Leaders in all professions are passionate about the work they do and the difference it can make. They are self-driven and have high expectations of themselves. With its origins in social services and heath care professions, regular supervision helps leaders to be more effective in their roles in thr future.


    When self-drive is added to the pressures of the organisation and managing their personal lives, there are times when leaders’ mental health and wellbeing can be compromised and their abilities to function at the desired level in all “occupations” of their life diminish. Wellbeing coaching can support leaders to be emotionally and physically well.

    What is an occupation?

    "An activity or group of activities that engages a person in everyday life, has personal meaning and provides structure to time. Occupations are seen by the individual as part of his/her identity and may be categorised as self care and / or leisure" Creek 2005

    During supervision sessions, I listen to the client and coach for wellbeing and leadership to help her/him reflect on his/her work and non-work responsibilities and leisure activities. This enables and empowers the client to maintain or restore their occupational balances and to make positive decisions and changes about their working practices, personal responsibilities and the activities that they enjoy and help define them.


    Self-Care isn't Selfish

    When was the last time you read a book or made time for the things you enjoy that help define who you are?

    All too easily, due to life’s pressures, your occupations can become out of balance. My coaching helps to restore your occupational balances through a work-life blend that gives you self-worth and purpose; improving your wellbeing.

    The most effective coaching is set up by your organisation for you on a fortnightly basis from the outset. It contributes to your highly effective leadership and good wellbeing. I am also called into organisations at times of crisis. Although the impact of my work can take longer to have effects when all is not well, I have a strong track record of coaching through these times and then keeping you on track in the good times.


    Please email me to discuss how I can support you.


    Moving from surviving to thriving


    Coaching for wellbeing

    Self-Care Isn't Selfish

    I support staff at all levels whose wellbeing has been compromised or are at risk of absence from work or already absent from work.


    My coaching supports staff to better manage the stresses of work and home more effectively and helps clients to understand the impact that poor mental health & wellbeing may be having on them. I share a range of tools that support my clients in moving forward.


    In addition to coaching clients through video conferencing in the workplace, online sessions can take place off-site at home for total privacy, as long as you have internet access.

  • "Liz has a real understanding of how people work together"

    "Liz's coaching is absolutely superb - she helps you realise your inner strength & direct your moral compass with purpose"

    "I was able to put the training into action the day after"

    "As a result of Liz's coaching, I manage my leadership time more effectively"

    "Liz gave me the confidence and support I needed to grow in my job"

    "The training helped me build bonds with people I didn't really know"

    "You have brought my mojo back"

    "Liz's coaching is challenging. It makes a difference to my leadership"

    "Liz has helped me make the transition to a new career"

    "In her coaching, Liz asks the questions I hadn't thought of."

    "Thanks for all your help, advice, mentoring and positivity"

    "Thank you for inspiring me with your story. It helped me realise this ... project [is] a life-changing one"

  • I also offer......

    Confidence to Return to Work after long-term absence

    Maternity leave, career break or illness

    Returning to work after maternity leave, a career break or illness may seem a daunting prospect and can affect employee mental health & wellbeing. Building on your KIT days, your employees may need short-term extra support to make a successful return to work. Building up resilience and re-gaining skills lost during long-term absence is key to a successful return to work. This can begin in the months or weeks before a phased return is discussed and implemented, to ensure a successful return and to reduce the possibilities of roll back in physical and mental health during this process. This complements your HR return to work plan.

    Conflict resolution, mediation and moving forward

    Re-building professional relationships

    I work with individuals and teams where there has been a breakdown in their professional relationship. By resolving issues using one of my frameworks suited to the specific situation, I help staff to move forward in the workforce.


    My intensive three hour mediation and 'letting go, moving on' processes have had positive impact across many settings.


    Independent, impartial investigations to resolve any issue.

    Working with your organisations' own policies and ACAS guidelines, I aim to complete investigations as quickly and thoroughly as possible to reduce long term costs for your organisation and to reduce stress for all those involved. I have experience of investigating and presenting cases relating to potential misconduct, exam malpractice and grievances.

    Understanding & supporting organisational change

    Supporting your staff during periods of transition

    Whether planned or in reaction to adverse circumstances, change can be very difficult for leaders and staff to manage. Through coaching in corporate and education settings, I give clients an undertanding of what are their natural responses to change, help them to contol what they can and to let go of what they cannot.

    Leadership and governance development

    A range of bespoke coaching and training

    I work with middle and senior leaders in corporate settings and in nursery, primary, secondary and special schools, coaching and training to improve leadership effectiveness whilst ensuring the wellbeing of the individual and improving the outcomes of the organisation. Intensive packages of six 1to1 coaching sessions or longer term coaching are personalised to meet the leadership development needs of the individual client. Corporate leaders, headteachers, senior and middle leaders and governors have reaped benefits from this form of coaching.

    "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

    John Quincy Adams

    Retaining experienced staff

    Planning to avoid staffing crises

    Retaining experienced staff and leaders into their 50s and beyond can be the answer to staffing issues in many corporate organisations and schools. Offering coaching support which focuses on staff wellbeing and the flexibilty for staff to reduce their working hours or leadership commitments, could be the answer.

    Embracing the changes of joining a MAT

    Coaching for leaders in multi academy trusts

    As the CEO of a rapidly expanding multi academy trust, you will be facing many challenges and opportunities in scaling up your governance, finances and school improvement processes. You may have a background as an executive headteacher or NLE but you will now be working strategically on a scale far greater than ever before and your established leaders will be working at full capacity.

    How will you ensure the staff in the academies that are new to your trust are on message and working to your mission, vision and values? How are you supporting the incoming headteachers to adjust to their new roles where they are no longer the ultimate decision makers? How are you actively promoting and modelling wellbeing and good mental health across your MAT? How will you raise standards in your new academies without compromising the outstanding practice in your lead academies?

    Coaching you, as CEO, and the headteachers and leaders in your academies will make the transition process less stressful for all involved and develop the professional relationships you desire thoughout your MAT.

    Supporting women leaders in education

    DfE registered coach

    Coaching women in education to progress into leadership roles; Pledge to Coach is a UK Government initiative. The aim is for 1,000 women aspirant leaders to be supported by coaches offering their expertise and passion to make this happen. I work through @WomenEd and am a regional leader for @WomenEdY&H. I also support women leaders in through Women Leading in Education in Yorkshire & Humber @WLiEYH events.

    Click here for more information

  • Igniting leadership from within.


    Supporting good mental health and wellbeing.

  • Mental Health Media Charter

    Using appropriate language and imagery in relation to mental health.

    Success Coaching Ltd has signed up to the Mental Health Media Charter, an initiative through which I commit to my publications relating to mental health being responsible, genuinely educational and stigma-free.

    The charter has been compiled by Natasha Devon MBE in association with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England, Beat & The Samaritans. Its purpose is to guarantee that media outlets are mindful of the language and imagery that they use when talking about mental health, recognising the impact that media coverage of mental health can have on shaping social attitudes.

  • Conferences and training events

    A flavour of my work; please contact me if you'd like me to work with you.

    Conference Speaker

    ֍ Developing a whole organisation approach to mental health and wellbeing

    ֍ Governors - The role of governance in developing a culture of wellbeing

    ֍ Headteachers - Developing a culture and strategy for wellbeing in schools

    ֍ The importance of supervision and coaching for the wellbeing of school leaders

    ֍ Self-care isn't selfish

    Workshop leader

    I offer whole day, half day and twilight professional development in addition to conference workshops.

    All training is personalised to meet the needs of your specific organisation by discussing your context and desired outcomes in advance and includes a planning conversation as part of the package.

    Workshop & training themes

    ֍ The impact of coaching on wellbeing

    ֍ Self-care isn't selfish (occupational balances)

    ֍ Difficult conversations

    ֍ The impact of coaching on women leaders

    ֍ Team building

    ֍ Understanding & embracing change

    ֍ Conflict resolution

    ֍ Leading difficult conversations

    ֍ Letting go & moving on

  • Impact

    What people have said about my work

    Feedback from clients on Twitter

    Without my knowledge, Nial Allcock of We are in Beta asked for feedback about a selection of coaches he named on Twitter. I was one of the them. Here is what some of my clients had to say.....



    Developing a new senior leadership team

    Headteacher new to post

    "Liz has a real understanding of how people work together. She was an integral part of the planning and delivery of my first leadership residential. Her vast experience in training and developing people meant that I was able to galvanise my new leadership team with the support of her skilful facilitation."

    Leading Mental Health in Schools Coaching

    School mental health lead

    "The impact has been massive. I now see the big picture and the importance of strategic planning and working with parents and outside agencies."

    Wellbeing Coaching

    Deputy Headteacher

    "My measure of success was not to go home crying. I wasn't coping and I can see now that work was out of control. I am now much more positive and can think about the next step in my career."

    Governor Wellbeing Training

    School governor

    "The training was thought-provoking in terms of how we can be pro-active and positive regarding pupil and staff wellbeing"

    Work Life Blend

    Middle leader

    "As a result of Liz's coaching, I manage my leadership time more effectively and this has given me a better balance between work and home life."

    Difficult Conversations

    Middle leader

    "I was able to put the training into action the day after by tackling a situation I had been putting off facing for some time."

    One-to-One Coaching

    Middle leader

    "The best thing about the coaching was it helped me to develop the confidence to do less and ask for more [from my team] ...I have learned to step back and think."

    Developing Senior Leaders

    Deputy headteacher

    "Thank you for all your support, guidance, mentoring, faith, advice and help...I do not think I would be where I am today without it"

    Developing Senior Leaders

    Assistant headteacher

    "Thanks so much for your help and support and faith in me as a leader. My career owes a lot to [you].

    Investing in Associate Staff

    School administrator

    "Thank you for giving me the boost to my self-confidence and self esteem I needed to move forward."

    Developing Leadership in a Company Manager

    Company Managing Director

    "The change in my manager has been fantastic."

    Developing Leadership in a Company Manager

    Company Manager

    "You have brought my mojo back."

    Investing in Associate Staff

    Student support worker

    "Liz gave me the confidence and support I needed to grow in my job."

    Senior Leadership Coaching


    "I can see a big change since you started working with my deputy headteacher ."

  • Self Care Isn't Selfish

  • Pen portrait

    Please use this content for your conference flier

    Liz Dawson is a leadership & wellbeing coach / supervisor through her company, Success Coaching Ltd. and lead coach/verifier of the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools School Mental Health Awards. She co-created the framework for the school mental health award and wrote the framework for the ITE Award. Working with school teachers and edducation ministries in the Middle East and North Africa, Liz has written a Mental Wellbeing Framework for the British Council for the MENA region and continues to work with schools across the region through training and coaching teachers to develop wellbeing programmes in schools.


    Liz is a member of the CollectivEd Advisory Board at Leeds Beckett University; the Centre for Mentoring, Coaching and Professional Learning and is also a COllectivED Associate. She a Yorkshire & Humber regional leader of WomenEd and a Women Leading in Education coach; coaching #WomenEd, #BAMEed & #LGBTed colleagues in their career development & agitating for change on Twitter as @LizDawsonCoach. She is also a governor of a day and boarding school and has experience of governance in the state sector in secondary and primary schools.


    A former secondary deputy headteacher, trainer, Local Authority leadership consultant & LA SIP manager, Liz experienced work-related stress in a previous role and after five months’ absence due to depression and anxiety, successfully returned to her role before changing careers to support the mental health and wellbeing of others.


    Liz now supports the leadership and wellbeing of leaders, including 1:1 supervision & coaching, in corporate settings and in schools. She delivers training on wellbeing, leadership, & team building, coaching clients across the world using video conferencing. Liz speaks about wellbeing and leadership at conferences and has presented at the National SSAT and National Work Experience Conferences. Liz also supports change management in organisations in the public & private sectors and offers mediation and investigation services.


    As an accredited Critical Skills (EBD) Master Teacher trainer/coach, Liz has coached teachers in England & Scotland in the use of rubrics to develop their practice and rubrics to help pupils acquire knowledge, skills & dispositions through meaningful learning experiences underpinned by Emotional Intelligence.


    Liz has trained teachers in Sweden, Iceland, Romania & Greece on teaching & learning & quality assurance and set up the Bradford Work Experience team; winning a National Work Experience Award.


    Resources and Publications

    Liz co-created the School Mental Health Awards frameworks and guidelines for schools, boarding schools and FE colleges. She was co-author of Bradford and District Council's Careers Education & Guidance Quality Mark. Liz’s contributions are also credited in DfE publications on education business partnerships, on vocational and work-related learning, including a work experience case study, and on careers education. She is a contributor to the Working Paper Series of Leeds Beckett University School of Education.


    Success Coaching Ltd

    Director, Leadership & Wellbeing Coach / Supervisor, Trainer and Consultant 

    The services shown on this website are available to all employment sectors and to private clients. Click here to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

    Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools Award

    Lead Coach & Verifier

    The Mental Health in Schools Award, the Boarding School Provision Award and FE Award ensure schools and colleges are using evidence-based approaches to whole school mental health that align to professional and government guidelines. The award developmental frameworks allow schools and colleges to evaluate current mental health practices, identify gaps, develop and strengthen these and work towards building an emotionally healthier environment. Through this process, schools and colleges commit to making mental health a strategic priority and to developing a positive culture that promotes mental wellbeing for everyone.


    Member of the Advisory Board and CollectivED Associate

    CollectivED Centre for Mentoring, Coaching and Professional Learning is based at the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University. CollectivED offers opportunities to shape future practices and co-create knowledge. It aims to positively influence educational policy at institutional and national level.

  • Events

    WLiE Y&H Annual Conference


    What is a difficult conversation? Why should I act?


    Difficult conversations can be stressful for the person leading them and the person with whom they are having a conversation. Participants explore how to prepare themselves using a structured framework which focuses on exploring the issue and working towards a clear outcome through professional dialogue.

    Mental Health Knowledge Exchange in Schools


    Developing a Whole School Approach to Mental Health using the School Mental Health Award Competency Framework

    CollectiveEd National Conference


    Using coaching to support wellbeing in schools

    Northern Ireland School Mental Health Award Launch


    Seaview Primary School, Belfast, a Gold award school, hosted the launch of the school mental health award in Northern Ireland. Attendees heard about the impact the award has had in schools across the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East and the amazing work that Seaview Primary does in support of its pupils and staff.

    Northern Governance Conference

    Durham County Cricket Ground

    How robust governance of mental health can strengthen school leadership

    Wakefield Headteacher's Conference


    How to further develop your whole school approach to supporting good mental health and wellbeing for those in your school’s community

    Edsential: Leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing Annual Conference

    Ellesmere Port

    Using the Mental Health Award framework to develop a whole school approach to wellbeing for pupils and staff 

    Nurturing Hearts and Minds: Aureus Culture and Ethos Experience Day


    The school mental health award and how it can support further development of your school's culture.

    Introduction to Mental Health at Work

    Making mental health part of wellbeing at work in your organisation; presentation and discussion

    Bradford Primary Improvement Partnership

    Headteachers’ Network

    The impact of using the School Mental Health Award to improve the wellbeing of pupils and staff

    Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools Annual Conference

    Using the key themes of the School Mental Health Award to stimulate conversations and knowledge exchanges around pupil and staff mental health

    Leicester Healthy Schools Nework

    Using the School Mental Health Award framework to improve the mental health and wellbeing of your pupils and staff

    The Rose Learning Trust


    Supporting mental health school leads in developing a whole school approach and the opportunities of collaborative professional working within a MAT

    Supporting Men's Mental Health


    #SelfCareIsntSelfish workshop

    WLiE Yorkshire & Humber Annual Conference


    Panel member;

    staff wellbeing #SelfCareIsntSelfish

    Developing Great Practice for Mental Health in Schools

    Elland Cluster of Schools, Calderdale

    Understand the national context for mental health and wellbeing in schools. Understand the importance of staff wellbeing and share examples of great practice.

    Developing Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

    Pontefract Academies Trust

    Understand the national context for mental health and wellbeing in schools. Develop a greater understanding of how wellbeing can be fostered and cultured in schools, share examples of great practice and reflect on content of the Green Paper

    Governor Wellbeing Training


    Understand the national context for wellbeing in schools. Develop a greater understanding of how wellbeing can be fostered and cultured in school. Share examples of great practice. Understand the role the Governing Body can play in supporting the wellbeing of students and staff.

    Women Leading in Education / WomenEd


    Self Care Isn't Selfish and the Value of Coaching

    Developing a Whole School Mental Health Approach


    An overview of the latest school-related evidence on mental health and strategies to design a school improvement plan around mental health and wellbeing

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    ... to discuss how I can work with you or your team.


    Please email me


    I aim to acknowledge your contact within one working day.

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