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Are You Getting Your Five a Day?

If getting your five a day means taking a range of tablets that help reduce your blood pressure, lower anxiety, steady your breathing, reduce acid reflux and stomach acid levels coupled with sleep deprivation, alcohol and weight gain then it is time to take stock of how you are leading your life. 

Whilst a work-life balance is largely unrealistic; working full (or part) time developing your career and maintaining a healthy home life, a work-life blend or integration can be achieved with the guidance of a corporate and executive coach and leader who understands the impact that significant imbalance and pressures from all aspects of your life can bring.  Leaders often don't notice the slippage in their own well-being; not finding time to read or take a walk, to be organised enough to pay the credit card bills on time, to get to the shops for food, to catch up with friends and family, to be home in time to read the goodnight story or to make the school show in time to see their children perform. Don't wait until you burn out, get the help you need to see your way to a better future where all aspects of your life have improved. 

If these scenarios resonate with you then contact me for a discussion about how we can work together using leadership tools and techniques to improve your effectiveness and enjoyment at work, develop your team, find the time for your family and friends and to stop putting yourself at the bottom of the pile. I can work with you face-to-face or using Skype/Facetime.  All time zones can be catered for.   

In the meantime, there is a range of regularly updated tips and tricks on my Twitter or Facebook page that will help you tweak aspects of your life towards achieving your goals relating to your work and wellbeing. @successcoachyks

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