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Self Care isn't Selfish

First put on your own mask

All too often, strong, resilient people with high emotional intelligence successfully support those around them. They are wives/husbands/partners, parents, children to aging parents, line managers, organisation leads, friends, confidants, governors, secretaries of this, treasurers of that and often the result is that they end up putting themselves at the bottom of the pile. This is fine in the short term but it is not sustainable.

Self care is a vital part of your wellbeing and it's importance cannot be underestimated. Slippage in some areas of your life may go unnoticed so it is important to check-in with yourself or with your wellbeing coach to ensure that you are maintaining as balanced a lifestyle as possible.

Using a mental health self care wheel, I talk through the six areas with clients who often haven't noticed the small increments of slippage that have occurred over the weeks, months and years. Up until this point, they have not noticed that they've not read a book in six months, taken part in a sporting activity this seasonsthat they used to do regularly, played their musical instrument or caught up with the friends most dear to them. They also may not have noticed the increase in alcohol intake, "A glass or two helps relax me once I get home from work". If you recognise any of these slippages, now could be the ideal time to put yourself at the top of the pile for once and from now on.

Investing in your self care isn't selfish.

Time spent with your wellbeing coach will set you back on track to be the person you need to be for everyone else in your life, but more importantly, it will re-connect you with who you really are and who can put a price on that?

To enquire about how my 1-to-1 wellbeing coaching either in person, or on-line, can help you or members of your team, please email me

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